Sitemap - 2022 - The Smattering.

BREAKING: Libs of TikTok Creator Complains About Flood of Conservative Men Hitting On Her After Tucker Carlson Interview

BREAKING: Elon Musk to Appoint Donald Trump Jr. as New Twitter CEO After Stepping Down

Elon Musk Suspends Alleged 'Journalists' As Part of New 'F*ck Around and Find Out' Policy

BREAKING: Biden Administration Offers to Negotiate Paul Whelan’s Release From Russian Prison if He Agrees to Become a Trans Woman

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Herschel Walker Blames Senate Loss on 'Anti-Werewolf Bigotry'

BREAKING: Kanye West Defends Satan, Claiming He 'Got a Bad Rap'

Progressive Activists Condemn US Soccer Team for ‘Athletic Islamophobia’ After Defeating Iran in World Cup Match

BREAKING: Kanye West Taps David Duke to Manage His 2024 Presidential Campaign

Progressive Influencers Issue Apologies for 'Misgendering' Colorado Mass Shooter After Learning They Are 'Non-Binary'

FBI To Launch Domestic Terrorism Investigation Into Twitter After It Reinstates Donald Trump’s Account

Trump and DeSantis Agree to Primetime Debate Using Only 'Yo' Momma' Jokes

Georgia Democrats Finally Admit They Think 'People of Color' are Complete and Utter Imbeciles

Texas Democrats Claim Man Who Threw Seltzer Can at Ted Cruz Was His 'Gay Lover'

NBA Agrees to Lift Kyrie Irving's Suspension After He Converts to Orthodox Judaism

BREAKING: AOC Accuses Elon Musk of Shutting Off Her Internet Until She Pays $8 Ransom

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Kanye West Glues Himself to a Wall at New Balance Headquarters After Security Tries to Eject Him

Progressive Lawmakers Demand to Know Racial Makeup of Military Forces Deployed to Ukraine to Ensure 'Equitable Representation'

Pennsylvania Democrats Plan to Mitigate Political Damage From Fetterman/Oz Debate By Pretending It Never Happened

‘Colorblind’ Conservatives’ in Louisiana Propose Changing the Definition of ‘Black’

BREAKING: Stacey Abrams' Black Support Plummets After Being Seen in Video 'Twerking for Votes' on Stage During Concert

Black Conservative Swears Off Pumpkin Spice Lattes After They Turn Him Into a White Progressive Woman

BREAKING: Tariq Nasheed Gathering Group of African Americans to Seek Ukrainian Citizenship to Get Reparations From US Government

Democrats Privately Seething at Georgia Republicans for ‘Inept’ Rollout of Jim Crow 2.0 Policies

BREAKING: Lawmakers Reach Bipartisan Deal Offering Reparations to Black People In Exchange for Giving ‘N-Word Pass’ to White America